Behind the yellow line

The world of digital is constantly in flux, always moving and evolving to develop more and different ways to engage people online. The people shaping these changes are never content to just sit back and watch their developments roll out; this isn’t the era of finalising a product and then selling it and watching as people enjoy it. As soon as the product is available, people in digital are on to the next thing, always looking for opportunities to develop, add to, take away, tailor, and adapt.

With the possibilities for testing in online environments, this makes sense. Why stand still when you can move forward?


We can only stand in the relative safety offered by being behind the yellow line for so long before we’ll miss the train. In digital, missing the train means missing our next opportunity to raise our profile.

Eventually, this will mean becoming obsolete and someone else stepping in to take our place, someone more adept at keeping up with the pace.

The great thing about digital is that new trains arrive every few seconds. There are almost limitless opportunities to increase our online presence; we just need to step forward and take a chance.