The opportunities afforded to us by digital are vast and compelling; there is a brand new universe of information out there awaiting our discovery, if we know how to find it. How do we make sure the information we want to provide is discoverable and relevant?

Altair Creative can assist you in a range of ways to help you raise the profile of your online presence and increase traffic and engagement on your website. Our services include:


Reviewing your website and marketing activities and producing reports with recommendations for future activity


Designing promotional materials, and creating content including editing photos and videos and putting together surveys


We offer a range of expertise to help increase engagement with your emails including creating layout designs, software training, and content creation

PPC (pay per click)

Search, display and social media advertising to help increase visitors to your site and promote your content

SEO (search engine optimisation)

We can help enable more people to find your website through search engines


Advertising, analysis, content creation, strategy, and recommendations


Bespoke workshops on any area of digital, from basic internet skills to the digital marketing areas listed here


Producing content for your website, helping you update your website, and providing training in content management systems


Get in touch about any of the above, or any other digital projects you’re working on.